Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Heather Jarrard

Artist: Heather Jarrard
Exhibition: Standard 2.6
Media: Beans, Macaroni
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: None
Instagram: None

Heather Jarrard is a graduate student who is responsible for the bean an macaroni art that I looked into this week.  Jarrard is currently a graduate student at CSU Long Beach and is working towards becoming a single subject art teacher.  She also spent her undergrad here at Long beach majoring in Art Education.  Jarrard chooses to focus more on three denominational art such as sculptures as apposed to paintings or other two denominational forms of art.

In the art sample that I was able to observe, Jarrard used Beans and Macaroni as materials for her art sculptures.  Due to the natural shapes and sizes of beans and macaroni, the sculptures have a jagged look to them.  The sculptures themselves appear to be small, however, when you take into account the materials used to make the sculpture, it is put into perspective.  The colors that are used in these pieces of art are limited to the natural colors of the beans and macaroni.  This color scheme makes the sculpture look almost flat but natural at the same time.

Jarrard’s inspiration for this piece of art came from the lack of funds going towards the arts in California.  She states that the average state budge for art supplies in the classroom is around $1.09 per student.  In California, this already low number is even lower.  The California state budget for art supplies in the classroom is around $0.24 per student.  With this budget, the amount of art supplies are severely limited.  This is why Jarrard uses beans and macaroni as her medium.  This symbolizes what type of supplies can truly be supplied with a budget of $0.24 per student.  These are the types of supplies that are given to us in kindergarten during arts and crafts and with this budget is even considered expensive.

With the current state of the California budget, funds going towards education in general are being decreased.  The small amount of the budget that goes towards art supplies is just a trickle down effect from the bigger problem.  Educating the future of america is probably one of the most important things that should be focused on.  How ever, with the budget in its current state, a lot of people are turned off about being a teacher due the the pay.  With the decreased number of teachers, class sizes become larger which ultimately decreases the teaching quality.  Hopefully this is able to be reversed in the future.


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