Wk4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

For this weeks Art Experience, I traveled to Venice Beach to visit the Art Walls.  This was the first time that I have ever been to Venice Beach and I do have to say it was a very interesting place.  There were a lot of interesting people including street performers, artist selling art on the walk, and many small shops.  There were a few sailboats out on the water and some really good skaters in the skate park that I enjoyed watching.


After walking around for a little bit, I headed to the art walls with my room mate.  We were amazed by the quality of the work that could be found on the wall and we were both intimidated to do our own work because we know there was no way we could do anything near as impressive on the wall.  But we did not drive 45 minutes to not do anything so we searched for the least impressive art or open space.  We eventually found a small space were we would not cover up anyone’s fine artwork and got to work.  The colors that I chose for this project were white, blue, and purple.  I do know that Graffiti art is suppose to have contrasting colors.  How ever I did not think that that represented me accurately as I am a person who enjoys a darker color scheme.  As seen in the pictures,  I wrote my name in purple with a white border and blue background.  I also attempted to create a Pyramid to represent CSULB.  I even convinced my room mate to do a little and he made the dog that is right above my pyramid.  All in all, I think that it turned out aright especially concerting my lack of experience and artistic abilities.  I had a great time doing this and thought that it was a great experience. 20160213_145549


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