Wk6 – Art Experience – Photo Walk

For this weeks art experience, our class adventured on a photo walk around the CSU Long Beach campus.  The group I went with was lead by Maddy Braverman.  We started our walk at the south end of the campus.  We observed a group of plants that slept out CSULB.  This sign took many years to grow because it is entirely sculpted out of bushes.


The second place that we visit was the Japanese gardens.  I have attended CSULB for almost three years and have never seen these gardens.  There were many nice things about these gardens.  I enjoyed the tranquil feel that I got when exploring the gardens.  I especially enjoyed the koi fish.

The last stop of our walk was the iconic Walter Pyramid.  This Big Blue pyramid is where our basketball teams and volley ball teams play their home games here.  This is also the land mark that I use to describe where my college is located.  I always make sure to point it out from the 406 freeway when we pass it.  In the same location, we observed a very comedic sign.  It can be found outside of our track field.  It was the first time I have seen it and it certainly brightened my day.


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