Wk7 – Art Experience – Video Activity

For this weeks art experience, we were tasked with creating a video.  It just so happened that at the time that this project was assigned, I was just finishing a video containing clips of the CSULB Club Water Polo team highlighting the 2015 season.  I believe that this video shows the fun that my team have together and the friendships that we have created with each other.  When making this video, I started with selection music for the background.  I was looking for something with a strong beat but had a calming feel to it.  The song that I came up with was, “Human” by The Killers.  Since this video is made up of many smaller clips, I had to find a way to unify all of them so that the video did not appear choppy.  This is why I selected the music first.  By timing transitions to the beat of the music, it appears less choppy than it would other wise.  Also to help with making the video smooth, I utilized the available transitions in the program that I was using (Adobe Premier).  I feel that the end result was great and it turned out exactly the way that I had imagined it to.


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