Wk8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

For this weeks art experience, we are exploring the idea of automatic drawings.  The materials that are needed for this experience include, a large sheet of paper, a pencil, a hard surface, and a partner.  The partner that I have recruited to help me with this project is my sister Sarah.  In preparation for this project, I obtained the top of a pizza box for our drawing surface and a large sheet of paper.  Instead of using a pencil, I choose to use three color pencils to add some color and character to the drawing.  When my sister and I started to wait for the pencil to move, we both felt pretty silly and laughed a lot.  But eventually the pencils did start to move on their own.  We waited a few minutes before opening our eyes to see the product of the project.  We were both not very surprised that when we did look at it, it looked like just a bunch of colored scribbles on a sheet of paper.  While the finished project did not look that great, I was surprised by the experience.  I was very skeptical that the pencil would even start moving.  However, with some time and patience, it did start moving much to my surprise.


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