Galactic Patrolman FZ-09

Hello, my designation is Galactic Patrolman FZ-09.  My duty to this colony is to patrol space in search of potential threats to the colony of moon Base Alpha.  Occasionally I am called down to the colony if there is a disturbance or possible danger.  It is my duty as a Galactic Patrolman to protect the people and protect what is right.  I answer to no man, to no law, only to righteousness and fairness.  No mater the status of the wrong doer, no mater the position they maybe in, they will face fair justice and I will do all that is in my ability to stop them.

People to watch:

Arthur Weasley
I have received a few reports concerning Mr. Weasley having strange abilities such a making things levitate, transportation, and other anomalies that do not seem to be of the world.  At them moment I do not see Mr. Weasley as being a threat to our society.  However I will be keeping an eye on him in case he shows any signs of wrong doings.

Mr. Spacey
Mr. Spacey is a man of great power and prestige.  This being said this makes him a great target for people with bad intentions.  On the other hand, he is also very powerful which means that his is also capable of doing many wrong doings in this world.  He remains on my high profile watch list.

Riley Smith
Riley is one of the few people I truly trust on this colony.  The only I do trust her is because every once in a while, my life will depend on it.  While patrolling space, I run into many questionable characters.  Most of them I can handle my self but if I ever need help, I can always trust the expert piloting skills of Riley Smith to help bail me out of trouble.

Alien Bro
Alien Bro is an interesting character.  He is certainly not a human but he desperately tries to fit in with the humans by using popular internet slang.  I believe that he poses no threat to our colony but he certainly is a interesting character


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