Wk9 – Artist Conversation – William Brigham

Artist: William Brigham
Exhibition: Altered Carbon
Media: Metal and Wood
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W Dutzi Gallery
Website:    http://www.theartificery.com/welcome.html
Instagram:  None

The Artist that I observed this past Thursday was William Brigham.  William is completing his last semester here at CSULB.  He will be graduating with a B.A. in Metal this spring.  William was interesting in working with metals because he enjoyed making “cool stuff that is practical”.   He says that working with metals are very cool even though burning your self is a common occurrence  and metal dust is possible one of the most annoying things to deal with.

For the art analysis, I will be focusing on the knifes in his collection.  He created these knives using steel for the blade and wood for the handles.  As seen in the pictures, the blades have two colors on them.  This is what is known as Damascus steel.  Damascus steel is made by laying and folding two different metals to create a design in them.  In William’s blades, he uses steel and steel mixed with nickel to create the two different colors.

The reason that William created these works of art are because he enjoyed working with metals and wanted to make pieces that are able to be used.  One of the ideas that is explored in these knives is having pieces of art that are useful.  Most of the time, art;s only purpose is to look at.  It usually does not have much other purpose besides that.  However, these knives are beautiful works of art and they have a purpose.  As much I enjoy looking at them i would not hesitate to use them while camping or doing other outdoor activities.

I personally enjoyed these works of art because I love knifes and other objects like it.  I have a collection of knives of all different type at home.  Some made of plane wood and steel and others that are made of Pewter and other odd materials.  However, what was different about these knifes from my knives was that the art was in the blade as apposed to it being in the handle.  I found this to be very interesting and enjoyable.  I also enjoyed his efforts to make a piece of art that was able to have a real life application.


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