Wk11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

This weeks art experience was very unique to say the least.  Lead by Marta Troya, we journeyed to question what the norm is at specific areas of our campus.  Documenting experiences like these is very difficult.  It is hard to capture the feeling and emotions of the experience.   I feel that words and pictures are a good why to share a moment with somebody, however they will not be able to have the full experience because they were not present to feel the emotions not mater the quality of the writing and story telling.  In fact, many people believe that trying to document the experience will interfere with the your experience of the situation and I would have to agree with them.  While in the library, we were not permitted to taking photographs and we were allowed to in the bookstore.  I found that I was able to truly enjoy the experience of the library and was more connected to my emotions and feeling in that area.  While I enjoyed the time in the bookstore more (because I got to play guitar) I did not feel like I was able to truly enjoy all of the feelings and emotions that this experience had to offer.  As far as any incites that I have about about the nature of spaces, all I know is that the space will change over time to meet the demand of the current need.  As time goes on, I know that many of the places and areas that I use and know of will change in one way or another and that is alright.


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