Wk12 – Art Experience – Geocaching

This was not my first time trying Geocaching.  When I was younger, my parents had actually bought a GPS system that was made for Geocaching.  I remember being very excited to find some cool stuff.  However so few people had the system that any geocaches were few and far between so I did not really have a chance to find anything because I did not have a car or anything.  Now with the help of this app I was able to get a second chance at it with hopefully better luck.  There were many more options and geocaches near me.  I was able to follow the app to three supposed Geocaching location around my apartment complex.  I wish I could say that I had good luck finding the actual cash but unfortunately I did not.  Either the cash was not in the location that it said that it was or I am oblivious (very plausible) I was unable to find any of the cashes.  Once likely scenario is that someone that was not playing the game found the cash and took it with them not understanding what it was.  This bring the concept that different places and different items mean different things to different groups of people.  Once place can represent a happy even for someones life while another can represent something dark and upsetting.  There is no way that this geographic place can hold the same feelings and emotions for the same people.


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