Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Print
Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery West
Website: None
Instagram: None

For this weeks artist conversation, I observed the work of Jennifer Chen.  Chen is working on her Masters degree at CSULB.  What is really interesting about her is that she was a Biology major.  Once she obtains her masters degree, she would like to teach art.

Chen’s art is printed on canvas.  Her art pieces display a variety of landscapes that are not entirely rendered.  This trait is was originally drew me to this art work.  The unrendered parts of this art reminded me of looking on google maps and drying to look at a three dimensional picture of a landscape.  While some part are unrendered, other parts of the picture are made with a lot of detail such as many of the houses, building and roads that are featured.

Once I began to talk with the artist, i discovered why here pictures reminded me of google earth so much.  It was because they were pictures from google earth.  She conveyed that here art explored the ideas of succession (hence the name of the exhibit).  More specifically, the succession of landscapes and the uses that the landscape provides.

I Thought that his art exhibit really links well with last weeks art experience “Turning Pages“.  This exhibit explores the ideas of succession in the environment and landscape.  As we have evolved and technology advances, the landscape of our world changes.  We build roads to accommodate our cars, homes to accommodate a growing population and building to complete our work.  Maybe one day, we will have flying cars and floating buildings.  That means we would have no use for roads and the building on the ground.  When we will not need these aspect of our landscape.  What is the next use in the succession?  Forest? Agriculture? Preserve? Only time will tell.


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