W13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford


Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: Untitled
Media:  Ceramics, Lights, asortment of objects
Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery East
Website: None
Instagram: @NickBamf4d

This week I observed the work of Nick Bamford.  Nick is a undergrad student here at CSU Long Beach and is majoring in Ceramics.  Once he graduates from here, he plans to go on to graduate school although he does not know where he would like to go.  Nicks life revolves around his art.  It is his passion and it takes up most of his spare time.  For the little time that he is not working on his art, he enjoys playing guitar.

Nicks work was very unique.  It was unlike any of the other art work that we have looked at because it was extremely random.  It incorporated many aspects including ceramics, lights, string and even a shopping cart.

According to Nick, his art does not explore any deep ideas or anything like that.  His goal was just to make a cool looking sculpture with things that we see and find everyday.  He also wanted the viewer to see his art and think that it was creative and cool.

I personally really enjoyed his art work.  It utilized many forms of lighting which I found to be really enjoyable.  We used dark light to bring out neon colors that he had used in his culture.  I believe that he successfully accomplished his goals.  I thought that his art looked awesome and I had a fun time interacting with it.







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