Wk13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package (ACP)

For this weeks art experience, we made an art care package for somebody in our class.  This was an interesting experience because the idea for this project was to send something to someone that could either be absolutely useless or something that could be considered cool or exciting.  In a way this is similar to a snapchat because you are giving someone a way to look into your life.  It could show what you are interested in or what has occurred in your life recently.  However it is also different because the recipient is able to interact with the objects that you send them while they would be unable to interact with a picture.  Also snapchat is instantaneous while sending this package might take days to reach its destination.  Because it is not instantaneous, I feel that this package holds more meaning than a snapchat because somebody had to put time and effort to put it together and get it mailed out while all you have to do is hit send in snapchat. The interesting thing about ephemera is that a person does not know what a objects value will be worth in the future.  We are unable to know what the future society will hold valuable to them.  So the drawings of pokemon that I included in my package could be considered cool one day or completely stupid.  You simply can not tell.


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