Wk14 – Art Experience Feedback

This class is one of those general education classes that I took expecting to be very dull and very boring.  Studding about different art forms and artist styles.  However this class was very different from what I expected.  This class got in involved with things that I would have otherwise never done.  Especially in the art experiences.  The following were some of my favorite art experiences include:

Graffiti Writing: I enjoyed this experience because it took me to a place that I would have never been before (Venice Beach) and I was able to experience an activity that I would never had taken part in.

Moonbase Alpha:  This experience let our creative sides come out and had us interacting with each other in a different way that we regularly.

Group Video Activity:  This Experience let us video editing four our project which was fun and different from many of the other experiences.

I can not say that I truly disliked any of the activities that we did but some of my least favorite include:

Automatic drawing and sketching in the garden: I did not enjoy these for the simple fact that I am not one to enjoy the act of drawing.

Landscapes with a corpse:  I thought that this activity was a little dull and did not add anything to the class.

As a class in whole I enjoyed it.  It was a different than any other class I have taken.  I thought that it was a relatively fun class that that took an interesting stance on forms of art that we interact with every day.


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